Excerpt from Rising Seas


The stillness and silence was broken by a knocking on the wooden door across from the bed.

“Master Vanguard?” the maid’s meek voice came from the other side of the door.

“Yes?” the Master Vanguard asked.

“Master Vangaurd, I have a letter for you from His Royal Majesty, King Amadeus V”

The king? Vladimir wondered “Enter.”

The maid entered the room as Vladimir stood to receive the letter from her.

“Thank you, dismissed” Vladimir said in his calm, even tones.

“Yes, Master Vangaurd” the maid bowed and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Vladimir gazed at the light yellow envelope that looked like it had been aged. The front was blank, but the back held the Phoenixian Royal seal in wax. It was affixed to the overlapping portions of the envelope. He moved across the room to the desk by the door where his writing implements were kept. He opened a drawer and found the letter opener. He ran the small blade under the wax seal and broke it.

The letter inside was the same color as the envelope. He removed the letter and unfolded the paper and noticed another red wax seal of the Royal House. The script on the page was hand written, it seemed, by the king himself. The black ink stood out against the yellowish-white paper. Vladimir’s eyes scanned the letter which read:

Master Vanguard Vladimir,

I have an urgent mission for you and you alone. My beloved daughter, the princess of Phoenixia has been abducted. I need you to rescue her.

Please come to the Icarian Castle in the capitol, Everkeep. I will explain more of the situation there.

-His Royal Majesty, King Amadeus V

If you read this and like it, let me know! My first book is going to drop June 2014!



The book so far has 32 completed, but not edited, chapters and I play on doing close to 35-37 chapters.

The book follows the quest of Vladimir and friends who are tasked with saving the Princess of Phoenxia. While they tried and find her, they are under the threat of the Head of the Vanguard, Alistair Sinclair and the King of Phoenixia going to war with each other. If that wasn’t enough, Vladimir also carries with him the ultimate in dark magics that would drown the world if “he” had a say in it!

Rising Seas – June 2014

Greetings and welcome to my world!

Hello to all who read this!
My name is Nick and I am an aspiring author just starting his journey of fantastic wonder.

My introduction post is just to stir a few pots here. My first book is coming along and I will post excerpts soon enough. (That is, as soon as I know people are reading these.)

Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I’ll answer all (appropriate) questions and welcome them!

See you soon, Nick

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